Wilkinson Builders are fully committed to our clients. No effort is spared to ensure our high-quality projects are completed with the finest of materials and workmanship, sophisticated taste, and architectural elegance.

We believe that your home should be nothing short of what you dreamed it would be.

A History of Fine Homes

Wilkinson Builders is truly dedicated to making each project a successful and collaborative experience. With a hands-on structure and an extensive knowledge base in both residential and commercial construction, Wilkinson Builders guides owners through every step of the building or remodeling process. High design standards, high construction standards, and a strong desire to build homes of lasting quality, style, and character, are our commitments to our clients, as well as our community.

Details Matter

Wilkinson Builders believe that attention to detail is what makes a great house a fine home. We specialize in custom finishes that give each of our projects a unique and luxurious feel. We work closely with Louisville’s finest architects and designers in order to develop/maintain the integrity of the desired architectural style. Our extensive construction knowledge guarantees the structural integrity of every home and building we build or remodel. And that the details are built to last.

A Family Tradition

After working under his father in the early years, Bill and his wife, Nancy, started Wilkinson Builders, Inc. in 1986, to focus on high-end residential construction. Upon graduating from University of Louisville’s MBA program, son Dean Wilkinson joined Bill and the business continues to be grounded in family tradition. Bill and Dean are on the job every day working with families/owners to make their residential and commercial dreams a reality. Nancy continues to be involved in the business on various projects, assisting with a perspective on historical and architectural significance.